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A beautiful night turns out bad part 2

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Site Owner
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Postmai on Wed Mar 23, 2016 9:06 pm

Ivy Brandon Emily at school doing research about the ghost who scared them

"The ghost name is Kyle Marks, he died in his sleep, a girl name Julie Marks burned down his house.", said Ivy.

"Omg thats miss up.",replies Brandon.
"Yeah agree.",says Emily
Emily and Brandon staring at each other shock and have that
scared look on there face
"Yup.",replies Ivy
''Okay,thats horrbile but he shouldnt mess with us its not our
fault that happend.",says Brandon.
"True,thats just how it is,evil ghost dont care who they blame or who they take it out on someone.",answered back Emily.
"Also,because they have a evil mind they cant straight.",stated Ivy.
"I see wow.",respond Brandon
"Dont worry best pals I will kill the ghost make sure he wont kill us or miss with us again.",annonced Ivy
"You'r not gonna go alone! I'll help kill the ghost too.",said Brandon
"Same.",responds Emily
Ivy smiles."Alright im gonna do research on what you need to kill the ghost.",counters Ivy she does research and finds what they need.
"Sword,Rubbing Alcohol,Matches.",respond back Brandon.
the matches are for to set the ghost on fire.
"Before we get the stuff we need that doesnt explain why did I only I heard the ghost at first and you girls didnt hear the ghost until after."said Brandon
"Oh because the ghost only allows the person to hear him.", replied back Emily
"Ah.",says Brandon
Ivy plays music
Ivy goes help Emily and Brandon to grab more copys of the stuff they need
Ivy thinks to herself that ghost will not kill us or mess with us again,thinks it angrily

to be continued...
Doom Card
Doom Card
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PostDoomslayer on Wed Mar 23, 2016 9:35 pm

lol thats sword needed to kill the ghost though gl to them lol can't wait for part 3 :P
Site Owner
Site Owner
Female Joined date : 2013-11-18
Age : 25
Posts : 552
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Postmai on Wed Mar 23, 2016 9:48 pm

lol yeah xd
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