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 sunshine college academy new story chapter 1 courage

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PostSubject: sunshine college academy new story chapter 1 courage   Fri Mar 17, 2017 10:14 pm

Faith eating breakfast
"Good morning Faith.",both said Hazel and Isabella 
"Good morning you two,did you both sleep well?".",said Faith
"Yes.",replies  Isabella
"I did sleep well,i dreamed about I married Jake by the blossom tree and the blossom tree leaves fell on us.I want to get married by the blossom."replies Hazel
"Why?"asks Isabelle
"Because the blossom tree pretty.",says Hazel
"Nice idea,sounds romatic.",said Faith
"Getting married by the blossom tree no one could never forget getting married there special meomory.",replies Hazel
"Im finally going to confess my feeling to Joseph.",says Faith
"Finally,yay good luck.said Isabella
"Goodluck.",smiles Hazel
"Aw thx guys.",replies Faith
Joseph is getting his lunch
"Faith look hes getting his lunch.",isabella told Faith
"Here I go.",neverous Faith
"Hi Joseph,I have something to tell you I have feelings for you I also wrote you a letter how i started to have feelings for you.heres the note.",rasped Faith
"No thx.",oozed Joseph
Faith sad because rejected her
"What made her to think to ask you out shes ugly and looks like a monkey.",Timmy
Joseph laughs about what Timmy said.

Hazel and Isabella look at each other feel bad for Faith and both said.",huh
Faith walks to the school balcony walks in a sad way
"Im going to tell Andrew for him to try to make her feel better.",replies Isabella
"Okay.",says Hazel
Faith she thinks in her head I cant believe he rejected me and he didnt even care about reading the letter i knew he was a jerk i thought atleast he would read the letter i have to move on
Faith friend Andrew cover her eyes
"Guess who it is.",said Andrew
"Brad Pitt.",replies Faith
"Lol.",says Andrew
"Hey Andrew.",said Faith
"Hey,I heard about what happend im sorry about what happend,what a jerk.",replies Andrew
"He didnt even care about reading the letter.",says Faith
"Want me to beat him up for you.",said Andrew
"Thx but that wouldnt solve anything,what stinks I cant avoid him since we in the same every class and same sport club.",replies Faith
"You find someone better then him for now forget about him lets enjoy dance class.I cant wait for dance class",says Andrew"Okay! I cant wait for dance class.",smiles Faith
Andrew and Faith hurrys up to class and run to the classroom
"Class today you guys going to learn disco dancing,take a few steps to your right left back and forward to the beat next wiggle your hips from side to side next where shake your shoulders alternating each forward and back.",said the teacher Bob
Everyone finishes disco dancing
"Good job everyone,do it one more time.",replies Bob
Joseph he stares at faith

When disco dancing Andrew and Faith accidently bump into each other and fall down they laugh about what happend

School over
"Practice what I taught you at home you guys have to do that for your dance exam.",says Bob
"That was amazing,I never expected for the class to learn disco dancing.I think no one disco anymore.",says Andrew
"Yeah agree Faith
"Joseph I have feelings for you will you be my boyfriend.",yak Angel
"Nope.",said Joseph"How dare he makes her cry,im going to tell him off.its not cool you made her cry you could have told her in a nice way rejecting her.",said Faith 
"Its none of your business what i say to her.",replies Joseph
"Listen up Joseph for now on everyday im going to make you respect people and have fun.",serious Faith
Joseph  shocked she said that
to be continued...
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Doom Card
Doom Card

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PostSubject: Re: sunshine college academy new story chapter 1 courage   Sun Mar 19, 2017 5:31 pm

lol i wonder how she is goiogn to do that and i think andrew and faith would be great together ;p. nice story once again
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sunshine college academy new story chapter 1 courage
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