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 Natalieacademy chapter 8 amanda second concert

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PostSubject: Natalieacademy chapter 8 amanda second concert   Sun Jan 29, 2017 8:17 pm

I finish a new chapter I hope my members  like chapter 8

Amanda she sings her songs and dances
Eirin plays the piano
Shin he sangs  song
Mill she plays her guitar
Gary he plays his drums
Brad he dances
Alex he plays his violin
Julie she is thinking of new revange plan against Amanda  she writes her revange plan on her laptop
Amanda dances and sings one more time
"Hey Amanda.",yak Shin
"Hey Shin!.,",replies Amanda
"I love to sing.",retort Shin
",Me too,how long you been singing before you started your band?".",wonders Amanda
"Since three years old.what about you.",bawled Shin
"Not that long,when I got here I started to sing.",rasped Amanda
"When I was a kid when I heard my first song I instanly loved singing.I knew someday I become singer.",awswers Shin "Look at you know now you make your fans happy.",Jeered Amanda
"Yeah,I'm sorry for who ever did those mean things to you.who ever did those means things to you is a jerk and will get karma back.",oozed Shin
"Aw,thank you.what if I finally do revange if I do that ruin what I believe in about revange.",implied Amanda
"I don't blame you if you did that person needs to know not to mess with you and your tough I know you wouldn't do revange.",smiles Shin
Amanda she smiles back
"Want to draw?"asks Amanda
"Sure.",says Amanda
Amanda gets two papers out of her backpack and color pencils
"Here you go.",zingled Amanda
Shin and Amanda both draw
Amanda and shin still continue to draw
Amanda she asks Shin to help her draw eyes she can't draw eyes
The next thing Shin and Amanda do for there second picture they draw together after Amanda and Shin write there name on there pictures trade them give them to each other Shin sees his friend Gary
"Hey Gary,we over here hang out with us.",parry Shin
Hey guys what are you doing?"asked Gary
"Hey best and Shin just finish drawling.we gave each other our drawlings.",Amanda tells Gary "Cool,you guys had awesome day.I danced All day.i havent had a dream in two days.",lamented Gary "We do dream everday sometime we dont remember our dreams.I think sometimes when we dont remember our dreams we choose not to remember it.",said Shin "I see,i think thats good in a good way because if you had a horribe dream you dont always want to remember it.",replies Gary"Exactly,why would you want to remember it.",mimicked Shin Gary Amanda Shin drink soda 5 minutes later when they finish drinking soda they toss the cans into the trash concert time Amanda is getting ready for her concert she finishes getting ready she is wearning pretty pink sparkle dress What no one else is here only my friends are here I know I schedule for my concert for today.", jeered Amanda.",sad Amanda
'We figured something was wrong when we saw the cancled paper on the door we thought who ever been doing those means to you did this we came no matter what.",fretted Alex
"You know what if I had to choice between you guys or my fans only alloweed to be at my concert I rather only have my friends.",cajoled Amanda "Same.",smiles Alex,Mill,Gary,and Brad<Amanda she smiles back "Alright my friends have fun.",Amanda Starts to sing <her friends dance her friends contiue to dance Amanda finishes singing her friends claps Amanda looks at friends and smiles at them

To be continued...chapter nine
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Doom Card
Doom Card

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PostSubject: Re: Natalieacademy chapter 8 amanda second concert   Mon Jan 30, 2017 6:45 pm

amanda is a true fan nice im wating for next chapter :D
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Female Joined date : 2013-11-18
Age : 25
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PostSubject: Re: Natalieacademy chapter 8 amanda second concert   Mon Jan 30, 2017 6:58 pm

Already working on the next chapter :-) im trouble with it I cant think of new revange
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PostSubject: Re: Natalieacademy chapter 8 amanda second concert   

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Natalieacademy chapter 8 amanda second concert
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