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ditch new story

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Site Owner
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Postmai on Tue Aug 30, 2016 4:49 am

Jill,Carmel,Lisa,Chris,and Abbie are at the mall
"What a dork that guy is.",retort Gwen
"He's such a dork he probally eats his lunch in the school bathroom.",add in Irena
"I wouldnt be superize he is home school because he a shamed of being a dork.",laughs Judy
wow my new friends are mean Lisa thinks in her head
everyone laughs about what Gwen,Irena,and Judy said expect Chris,Jill,Peter,Lisa,and Abbie dont laugh they dont think thats funny
oh no im supposed to meet Carmel here i almost forgot Lisa thinks in her head
Lisa sees Carmel and she ditches here
"Im going to the bathroom.",sass Lisa
"Okay.", answers Chris
"What are you going to buy guys besides clothes?"asked Jill
"Im going to buy a whole bunch of cds.",implied Chris
"what im going to buy besides clothes im going to buy alot of beads and strings.",says Abbie
Abbie she loves to make necklaces&bracelets
"I have a brilliant idea.",parry Jamie
what is it?"asks Gwen
"We should buy cupcakes and throw them at dorks.",replies Jamie
"I like thats Idea,lets do it.",smiles Gwen
"I see Lisa you ditch me for your new friends.",sad Carmel
Carmel walks away
"Wait Carmel!.",said Lisa
Carmel she doesnt wait Lisa sighs
"Yeah, I dont like that idea Jamie.Im out.",wailed Chris
"Us to.",mimicked Abbie,Jill,Lisa
"Whatever,thats why you four will always be lame.",zingled Irena
"Thats why we not friends anymore,we rather be friends with the dorks we mean those people then you.",fretted Abbie,Chris,lisa they walk away
Judy,Irena,Gwen,and Jamie shocked they said that
Doom Card
Doom Card
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PostDoomslayer on Fri Sep 02, 2016 8:20 pm

wow great story i like the different types of groups good work.
Site Owner
Site Owner
Female Joined date : 2013-11-18
Age : 25
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Postmai on Fri Sep 02, 2016 9:50 pm

glad you like it
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