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natalieacademy part one future decison

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Postmai on Mon Aug 22, 2016 12:56 am

Amanda eating dinner with her family
How was work darling?"asks Kevin
"awesome,our boss brought us lunch.She put our lunches on are desk when we where doing are work on the computer.",said Jill
"That was awesome of her.", respond back Kevin
"Totally,Amanda,Brandon,and Jasmine did you do your homework?asked Jill Jill is Amanda Brandon Jasmine mom
"Yes mom.",answer back Amanda,Jasmine,and Brandon
Jill smiles. "Great.",says Jill
Amanda finishes eating dinner.Amanda best friend name Mill texts her Mill asks her on your on your way?"
Amanda texts Mill back yes im on my way
Amanda grabs her skateboard and leaves
Amanda gets on her skateboard and skates fast
"Hey Amanda.", said her neighbor Sam
"Hey Sam.",replied Amanda
Amanda drives her skateboard more fast
"Yay ! shes here.", Mill says it excitedly 
"Hey Amanda!.", Gary tells Amanda Gary is Amanda best friend too
"Hey besties.",says back Amanda
Mill, Gary,and Amanda are at the park
did you watch CardCaptorSakura last night Mill?"asks Amanda
"Yes,thank you so much for suggestion that anime and I like it .so far I watched ten episodes.",annoce Mill
"Yourweclome,what are your thoughts on when Eli puts a spell on Sakura book and when she opens the book she gets trap in there.she gets stuck as her favorite character?".",asked Amanda
"I thought wow thats the best trick he can do to trap her and also to stop her from stopping you from destroying love,she could easily get back to her old self and get out of the book easily.then I rethought about the trick I would want to get stuck in my favorite book.I wouldnt want to be stuck as my favorite character because I would want to my own character to hang out with my favorite character.the trick was amazing.",stated Mill
"Same.",implied Amanda
"I would want to be my favorite character,I would want to be my favorite character be because to get the chance to get to be stuck as your favorite character amazing thing.",Gary tells his best friends 
"Yeah true.",agreed Amanda
"After watching CardCaptorSakura last night,it made me decided what I want to do in the future after high school.I want to be an artist and when people buy my artwork want to see that smile on there face.when someone sad and they look at my art work it will cheer them up.", replies Mill
"Thats great,you so would make everyone happy.your amazing drawler. I would be the first one to buy your art work.",says Amanda
"Aw thx guys,I know what now im going to give you for your birthdays.",respond back Mill
"Np,I havent decided what I want to after high school for my career yet.",indicate Amanda
"Dont worry about it,you are still young right now just focus on enjoying life having fun making awesome memories.", respond back Gary
"Yeah.",agrees Mill
*Amanda sighs
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Site Owner
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Postmai on Mon Aug 22, 2016 1:00 am

here more parts for part 1
"I cant wait for the concert later.",claimed Gary
"Me either, what do you guys want to do for the concert later?".",asks Mill
"Water balloon fight,then after basketball game contest.",suggested Amanda
"Okay,sounds like an awesome idea,lets do the ideas.",said Mill
"Good idea,glad I brought water balloons with me just in case.says Gary he shows the girl the bucket and he puts the bucket on the ground
Mill, Amanda,and Gary grab the water balloons and throw them at each other
Gary, Amanda,and Mill run off to make sure they dont get hit with water balloons.
Amanda hides behind the slide.
Mill hides underneth the park benches.
Gary looks for the girls.
before Gary finish walking pass the benches Mill throws the balloon at Garys leg.
Mill says to her self yes I did it bozi
Mill gets up from the ground and leaves the benches also goes up to Gary
"I got you good Gary.",said Mill
"Yes you did ,but you shouldnt left the benches now you opened handed.replied back Gary
"Right.", says Mill
Gary hits Mill with the balloon
Mill and Gary continue to throw water balloon at each other
"Wait a minute Mill,we still havent got Amanda yet.",Gary tells Mill
"Lets go find her.", Mill
Gary and Mill go find Amanda
Amanda says to herself they will never find me hehehehe.
as mill and Gary looking for amanda they look by the slide
Amanda sees them and hurrys go hind behind the slid.She was hiding on the left side of the slide
before Gary and Mill find Amanda she hits Mill with the balloon and then she hits Gary on his left side stomatch part
Amanda comes out  from hiden
"I got you guys good.",she tells both Mill and Gary
"Yes you did,but now you are opened handed.," both answered back Mill and Gary
"Oh!oh! answered.",Amanda
Mill and Gary both hit Amanda with the balloons
Amanda, Mill,and Gary continue to throw water balloons at each other
Site Owner
Site Owner
Female Joined date : 2013-11-18
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Postmai on Mon Aug 22, 2016 1:00 am

Here are more part to part1 see told you its very long :)
Gary,Mill,and Amanda still continue to throw water balloons at each other
Amanda,Mill,and Gary finish throwing the ballons at each other after that they go change
when Mill,Gary,Amanda finish changing they sit down on the benches
Do you guys still want to to the basketball constest?"asked Amanda
Gary and Mill stare at each and both say.",Nah,this is already fun enough.
"Alright,I brought mochi desserts with me just we got hungry,would you guys like some?".",asks Amanda
"Sweet,sure,thank you,incated.",Mill
"Sure answered back.",Gary
Amanda hands Mill and Gary the desserts
"Yum.",implied Gary
"Delious.said back Mill
"Glad you guys like it.",speak Amanda
Jill and her husband watch tv
Jill husband puts his arm around his wife shoulder.
Jill and her husband smile at each other
Amanda, Gary,and Mill arrive at the concert
"Omg,yay the concert.",Mill says it excitedly
"Thank you fans for coming,I have something amazing planned amazing for you guys.You guys are never going to forget this day.",clamied Shin
Shin band starts to play the instruments
Shin sings
Everyone dances
Amanda is amused by his singing
Shin singing made her inspired her to decided what she wants to do for her career

To be continued...
Doom Card
Doom Card
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PostDoomslayer on Mon Aug 22, 2016 7:56 pm

:D yet again another good story
Site Owner
Site Owner
Female Joined date : 2013-11-18
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Postmai on Mon Aug 22, 2016 10:51 pm

glad you like it
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